Four DIY T-Shirt Design Tips

T-shirts are on trend, comfortable, and easy to wear with just about anything. Even better, you can DIY an amazing graphic t-shirt with a few simple tools including a printer, silkscreen, and ink. If you want to make your own t-shirt, then it is important to keep the following tips in mind.

1 – Use the Right Computer Program

There are several amazing computer programs that can help you design great visuals for a t-shirt. However, it is a good idea to use one that will allow you to create it in vector format. This makes it easier for printing. Most people prefer Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

2 – Start Simple

If you are new to t-shirt design, start simple. Try a basic black design on a white t-shirt. This only requires one layer of printing and screening. It is less complex and easier for beginners.

3 – Align Properly

The alignment is key when you are silk-screening. If you do not get the image straight, it will not be straight on your t-shirt. In order to get it lined up properly, make sure to use tape.

4 – Store Your Screens in a Safe After

After you rinse the screens, it is important to store them in a safe environment so they do not get damaged.

These four tips are just a few suggestions to help you experience success with your DIY t-shirt design. For others, refer to this infographic.

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Screen Printing Instructions Infographic

Art In Motion

Depending on your profession, you may be restricted to conservative, professional type wardrobe choices for the workday. When you experience those days when your professional attire doesn’t flatter your figure, you’ll probably feel a little disgruntled throughout the day. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. You may find it helpful to rely on a variety of body shapewear products to help you look stunning at work and during your leisure time.

When you’re not at work, you can let your personality shine with your wardrobe choices. Artistic, colorful, whimsical, quirky and bizarre leggings, socks, tights and leg warmers can make you look like art in motion. Any of these products can wake up the most mundane outfit you have in your closet. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on new clothes when leg wear can elevate your wardrobe items to a more interesting, personalized level.

Leg warmers and boot toppers should be a part of your accessory collection. These items alone can demonstrate your flair for style and the attention to detail you give to your wardrobe choices. An assortment of socks or furry, chenille or sherpa shoes would be great items to put on your gift wishlist.

Men no longer have to settle for uninteresting black or brown socks or socks with subtle boring designs. For those leisure days when fun is the word of the day, brilliantly colored socks in creative patterns would be an ideal accessory.

A Barbershop Shave Is The Epitome

A good old-fashioned traditional shave can be accomplished with exceptional wet shaving supplies that will provide the most satisfying shaves of your life. You will notice a dramatic difference when you use a good brush, a high quality thick rich shaving cream or gel brought to a lather, remove the lather with a straight edge razor or a double-edge safety razor, and finish off with an aftershave splash or balm.

Wool Fat Shaving Soap

A unique product is this soap handmade on Florida’s Gulf Coast, which gives the benefit of lanolin and creates a rich and silky lather that your razor will glide across. The soap, which makes a nice gift, comes in six scents: Amaretto for sensitive skin, Arabian Spice, Black Lavender with its sensual aroma; Mountain Spice with an earthy lingering scent of bay rum and amber, Tea Tree with an herbal scent and a hint of fresh mint, and Winter Grapefruit.

Horsehair or badger shaving brushes

Badger hair is the most popular because of its density and capacity to hold the lather and water. Horsehair brushes have become popular, especially with the way the hair is collected by painlessly brushing it from the mane or tail of the horse.

The Silver Bullet Travel Shaving Brush

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