Using Custom-Designed Tees For Fundraisers

Many educational institutions support charity causes and raise money to help organizations, like the American Cancer Society, Christmas Seals or the American Lung Society.

They also support awareness programs and organizations with the schools. There are many ways that schools can raise money to reach goals, but one of the popular ways to encourage students and their parents to give donations is to allow the students to benefit from their financial donations.

When schools integrate fun activities and provide groups of students or the entire body of students’ opportunities to create personalized clothing to wear to certain events or on special days in school, it creates increased awareness of causes or specific goals.

For instance, a great way to create a fundraiser to get students involved in supporting a cancer organization is to design cancer ribbon tee-shirts and allow the students to pay a few dollars to wear clothing that’s outside of the school dress code, but also wear the custom-designed tee-shirts. Sports teams in schools also design custom tee-shirts to wear to certain sporting events or fundraising events.

For example, a cheer team may organize a fundraiser to raise money for the team to travel to a competition. Other school organizations, such as bands, football teams, and soccer teams, also schedule events to raise money for specific goals. During the fundraising event, the entire team can wear clothing with imprints designed by the team collectively and work together to encourage people to donate or make purchases.

Apparel printing companies, such as ShirtMagic, offer shirt printing for schools. They provide easy online tools to allow you to create your custom designs and place an order for printing on their websites.

If you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word and how to upload images, you can customize a tee-shirt online. You can choose from a variation of colors and sizes for adults and children. You can upload an image from your computer or choose clipart images that the company provides.

You can also add text to ensure that the shirt is personalized and the message pertains to you specific occasion.

Employees Come First

There are many ways to let employees know they’re appreciated. Special awards provide recognition for employees. They are more geared towards doing their best when they know they will be recognized for it. These awards will last them a lifetime of achievement. Cards and gift cards also let employees know that their hard work is appreciated. There are many other ways to get employees invested in work by showing them that they’re vital to the company’s success.

Company outings provide a lot of fun for employees. However, if a large company is organizing such an event, like a company picnic, it’s worth the while to get badge trays for employees while eating. Employees will need to be able to identify one another for different festivities. It’s a good idea to get badge holders and paper stocks as well. Either choose to have a caterer bring food, such as a taco bar, or request that employees each bring their favorite dish.

Let employees know they’re appreciated with special gifts. Provide women with certificates for pedicures and manicures. Provide men with gift cards to major department stores. General gift cards can be given as well to allow employees to choose what they’d rather have. Allow employees to choose from several gifts or certificates. Restaurant gift cards are always appreciated.

Above all else, the ever-famous bonus or raise is also much appreciated. People love to receive monetary rewards for their efforts; however, people like to receive gifts as well. Show employees that they’re appreciated, and they will naturally work harder because they become invested in the company.

Four DIY T-Shirt Design Tips

T-shirts are on trend, comfortable, and easy to wear with just about anything. Even better, you can DIY an amazing graphic t-shirt with a few simple tools including a printer, silkscreen, and ink. If you want to make your own t-shirt, then it is important to keep the following tips in mind.

1 – Use the Right Computer Program

There are several amazing computer programs that can help you design great visuals for a t-shirt. However, it is a good idea to use one that will allow you to create it in vector format. This makes it easier for printing. Most people prefer Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

2 – Start Simple

If you are new to t-shirt design, start simple. Try a basic black design on a white t-shirt. This only requires one layer of printing and screening. It is less complex and easier for beginners.

3 – Align Properly

The alignment is key when you are silk-screening. If you do not get the image straight, it will not be straight on your t-shirt. In order to get it lined up properly, make sure to use tape.

4 – Store Your Screens in a Safe After

After you rinse the screens, it is important to store them in a safe environment so they do not get damaged.

These four tips are just a few suggestions to help you experience success with your DIY t-shirt design. For others, refer to this infographic.

Screen Printing Instructions Infographic

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