5 Costumes Every Child Should Dress -Up In At Least Once

For the kids, Halloween – and all holidays really – are a thing of magic. Children love to explore fantastical worlds of their own creations, and roleplay as their favourite characters from movies, TV and books. Dressing up in costumes and acting out games as a character help children to learn how to deal with difficult situations and how to be empathetic – by thinking about how the character might react, instead of their own feelings.

There are certain characters and types of characters that are timeless: they are an essential part of what it means to be a child. It’s my belief that at some point, every child should experiment with dressing up as and acting out these types of characters – and since Halloween is coming up, it’s a great time to pick up some inexpensive children’s costumes you kids can enjoy again and again.

What are these timeless charactes every child should dress up as? Here are my choices:


Regardless of age or gender, it’s pretty safe to say all children dream of being a superhero at some stage. Many of us still do! So it’s only right that your son or daughter gets to dress-up as their favourite superhero this Halloween; Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman … I can almost guarantee they have a definite favourite, so do your homework and make this the most super Halloween costume yet!


Every child should release their inner animal at least once! Be it an elephant, lion or a creepy insect: animal costumes are always a great bet! Most animal costumes being made for Halloween are part of a set of onesies, or footed pajamas, so will keep your children warm on a cool Halloween night. Perfect for Trick or Treating!


They’ll be the coolest kids this Halloween when they are dressed as their favourite celebrity! Get them dressed up in style this year by drawing inspiration from their favourite singer or Disney star. You can often find many celebrity children’s costumes for sale in online stores. It’s a great opportunity to get creative in putting together a look your son or daughter will love!


A classic childrens costume, and great on both boys and girls! Because who doesn’t love bandanas, eye-patches, parrots and swords? Sounds to me like the key ingredients to the greatest costume for your kid ever. All you need is a sword and Arrrr Me Hearties!


Every little girl dreams of being a princess – so this Halloween make her dream come true! Choose a pink princess dress made of brocade and satin, add some gold trim and a petticoat, headpiece and veil. It’s a costume fit for a (little) queen!

For an awesome selection of children’s costumes you can buy online, check out: http://www.spirithalloween.com/kids/. Or, if you are handy with the needle and thread, check out 35 Easy Homemade Costumes for Kids.

Have you asked your child who they want to dress as for halloween? Do they have a favourite celebrity, superhero or book character? Is there a character in their life who they show a lot of empathy for? Let your child lead the way in choosing the best children’s costume for their personality.

Temptu Pro

It may be time to put away the summer hues, but you can still rock a flawless face as long as you adjust your makeup techniques for the new season. Look perfect during your next holiday party with these seven tips!

1: Be Bold

Vibrant colors will keep you from looking washed out with your winter neutrals. Think about golden eyeshadow, purple cat’s eyes or bright red lips. Coordinate your colors with the day’s scarf for a stylish, fashion-forward look.

2: Exfoliate Regularly

Has your skin taken a beating from the wind? Start exfoliating on a weekly or even daily basis. This will eliminate any dry, flaky patches on your cheeks, and if you toss in a moisturizer after the fact, your skin won’t even know that it’s wintertime.

3: Use Airbrushes

Airbrush makeup like Temptu Pro will last longer and look better than its traditional cousin. As a bonus, it won’t rub off on your scarves and high collars. It spreads evenly and sticks carefully to your skin thanks to its unique application process.

4: Use Waterproof Mascara

Keep your eye makeup fresh and neat by investing in waterproof mascara during the winter months. Snowflakes that melt on your eyelashes have the same destructive powers as tears or rain.

5: Hydrate Your Lips

Chapped lips are common during cold temperatures, but you can prevent them from ever arriving with the careful, daily application of hydrating gloss or lipstick infused with UVA/UVB protection.

6: Don’t Forget the Blush

Put some color in your cheeks with a soft winter hue like sunset or dusty rose. Just be careful not to overdo it. A few minutes in the cold can turn a deep pink into a fiery red once your blood vessels start responding to the chill.

7: Embrace Winter Trends

Have you ever applied frosty sparkles to your eyelids? How about red-and-green eyeshadow for a Christmas gathering? Have fun with all the fads that come around every holiday season.

These are just seven tips for flawless makeup even when the weather is bitter cold. Don’t let extreme temperature stop you from looking great!

Step Up Your Game With Three Tips To Finding The Right Golf Clubs

When it comes to golf, nothing is going to top perfecting your skills. However, there are some other small things that can definitely help add to your game, and having the perfect clubs is one of them. How, though, can you find the best clubs for you, especially when there are so many drivers, irons and putters to choose from? Follow these three steps to make choosing the perfect set a little easier, so that wherever you’re playing, from golf trips to Murray River or abroad, you’re able to focus on your swing.

1. The one-size theory is a lie — Some think that golf clubs are one-size-fits all, but this is not true at all. Because golfers come in all different shapes and sizes, you’ll need to find the right club that has the shapes and sizes that fit you. And it’s no secret either; why else would golf product manufacturers even make clubs of differing sizes if it made no difference? When it comes down to it, a wrong match could have you swinging in a way that is unnatural to you, negatively affecting your game. By going with the right set, you’ll be swinging more comfortably, resulting in better hits.

2. A short driver will do you well — Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to picking the right driver. When looking around at drivers, you’ll see many offerings that are 45 inches or longer, yet the average driver length of a pro on tour is 44.5 inches. Why is that? Well, with a shorter driver, you should be more easily able to hit the ball at the right angle. Anything too long will through the angle off, giving you less control over the ball’s lift and distance, hurting your score.

3. Think about skipping the 3 and 4 irons — You might think that 3 and 4 irons will be able to give you some loft behind your ball for those short or mid-length shots, but if you’re looking for loft, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Although 3s and 4s are considered acceptable mid-range clubs, for the past two decades, manufacturers have been adjusting their offerings so that they hit farther, not loftier. The manufacturers do this so that they can market their clubs as more powerful. If you’re looking for something to give you more loft, consider getting a hybrid club instead.

You might find that choosing a good set of clubs is harder than you thought, and considering everything that’s out there, it could take a while to find the right match for you. But if you’re really serious about your game and improving your skill, you’re definitely want to consider spending the time to pick a set of clubs that fits your size and style of play. What shouldn’t be as difficult is finding a place to play, especially if you’re looking for golf packages in Victoria. Numurkah Golf and Bowls Club has golf packages in Melbourne available so that while you and your golfing partners are getting some play in on the best Murray River golf resorts, you’re able to practice perfecting your swing. You can find more information about Murray River golf tours at ngbc.com.au.

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