When In L.A., Let Justin Sather Be Your Guide To Everything L.A.

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What can you think of when Los Angeles comes into play? The hometown basketball Lakers? The Los Angeles Dodgers perhaps? Or how about hocket’s L.A. Kings?

I am a basketball fanatic and Staples Center is one of my favorite venues when taking some time off and relax by watching some sports games.

Justin Sather is a travel and lifestyle blogger who recently moved to L.A. and has some good articles posted on his various adventures in and around L.A.

The site JustinSather.com also offers a plethora of Los Angeles Food Reviews from Justin Sather that can help tourists and locals alike be given insights on the food served by L.A.’s finest restaurants.

Some of the posts in the blog of Justin Sather are fairly short but otherwise with visual photos provided offer readers what the places he has gone to looks like.

You can probably look in Google on the best places to go in L.A. but many of those do not offer stories and experiences what it’s like to be in those places and what to expect.

Visit http://www.justinsather.com  to get some good perspective on what life is like in L.A. and how anyone can maximize their time and enjoy the various food choices and places to go to.

It is a fact Los Angeles is a huge place. There may not be enough time for you to visit all places at one time. The best thing for you, if you are going there as a tourist is to maximize to only experience the best places worth going to in a first visit.

So check out his adventures at justinsather.com.

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Saving Money While Shopping

The Internet can be a great tool for those who are looking to save a little money on all of the things that they buy. If you are looking for shoes, a new grill or school supplies for your kids, you can find them online at a steep discount. This may be true even if you go to a retailer’s website as opposed to visiting a wholesale or outlet store website.

Another idea when trying to save money while shopping online is to use auction sites. Auction sites will put items up for bidding at prices that could be as much as 90 percent lower than retail. This may allow you to buy a big screen television for pennies on the dollar or buy a new computer that you otherwise may not have been able to afford.

Using sites such as BuyMerchant.com can provide you with more value for your dollar. When you are able to spend less on the things that you use each day, you can put more money into a savings account or into a college fund for your kids. Over time, you will revel in the fact that your financial future is more secure without having to give up th

You Can #SaveX2 At Your Local Meijer! Here’s How.

meijerWhat makes gift cards so attractive is the fact that everyone will be able to save even a little something.

Hey, even a dollar is already big. Nobody will give you a dollar out of the blue. I am the same as everybody else. If I can save even a dollar out of something, I am totally happy with it.

Buying gift cards at your local Meijer BEFORE you shop, dine or hit the town can not only save you money, but also earn you extra credit card rewards.

Now through 9/6 (or 9/10 in Chicago, Indiana and Ohio), savvy shoppers can double dip on savings when they purchase gift select gift cards.

I bet the next thing in your mind is HOW?!? Here’s the thing.

  •  Promotional Offer: Get a $5 coupon toward your next shopping order when you buy $50 in gift cards from: Unos, Cold Stone, The Children’s Place, Lane Bryant and Catherine’s, Steak and Shake, Express and Darden Restaurant Card.
  • Earn Credit Card Rewards: By using your favorite rewards credit card to purchase, you can earn points, miles or a percentage back on your purchase. Some credit cards even offer increased rewards for purchases made at grocery.

Let’s see how you can save $7.50 when you purchase $50 in participating gift cards:

  • $5 off: When you buy two $50 cards (in two SEPARATE transactions). Be sure to use your mPerks card, and make note of the expiration date on your coupons!
  • $1.50 back: If you earn 3% back on grocery purchases through your credit card

They are also offering an opportunity for everyone to join and get a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Enter a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Now, I don’t know with you since we all have different preferences but I am picky when it comes to gift cards. Any gift card that I can get, I am totally fine with it and I tend to be picky in terms of what to use the gift cards for. They are not free anytime, right?

I tend to choose items that I can use for the long term like clothing and apparel. However, food is also not far behind ;).

Goodluck, joining the contest!

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