Wedding Day

Time flies by so fast indeed that I am now married lolz. Problems will never disappear before and during your wedding day. You will always encounter them, even have petty quarrels with your husband but in the end, you will see everything that had happened as worth it. It has been a busy month for me and finally I am back to work and blogging. For now, here are a few pics of me prior to the wedding ceremony wearing a robe by Chicoy Tomol and makeup by Ramiel Solis, one of the best in Cebu.

My wedding happened last July 19, 2008 at the Redemptorist Church in Cebu. For more wedding pics, you can check them here.

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4 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. Hi pretty… kamusta kana?… how’s wedding life? CONGRATULATIONS DEAR…!!! i got a blue dress for you…get it from my blog…

  2. congrats to u!!! u’re a pretty bride!!!

  3. em

    Congratz! on ur wedding.. very nice .

  4. Hi! Enjoyed your article, thanks! best regards, P

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