Wedding Gown + Entourage

Here’s a pic of me and our entourage, females only. Gown by Protacio, one of the best in Cebu. Entourage design by Edwin Alba.

More pics of our wedding here.

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13 Replies to “Wedding Gown + Entourage”

  1. congrats and best wishes to you and your hubby! i love the color scheme you used, it’s similar to the motif i used when i married 4 years ago. it’s a lovely color no? 😉

  2. hi caryn, yes very much. i love colors related to pink hehehe. wow, do you still have your pics of your wedding? i would love to see them

  3. thank you for your comments and compliments everyone 🙂 if those of you are not yet married, when are you going to be? im sure you will all be excited as i was 😉

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