It Is Not Easy Planning A Wedding

I decided to change my blog from a picture-per-post type to a personal type of blog, fashion included, hence my new blog name. My hubby and I agreed that regarding wedding posts I will be the one who will blog about it rather than both of us because it would seem kind of redundant if people would read the same events that we both experienced. And, at least my blog will start containing posts since in the beginning my posts have been pictures with barely just a few words in it. He actually already made a draft on how planning a wedding ain’t easy prior to us agreeing on who will blog about our wedding. Here’s the post …

From my hubby’s viewpoint:

Since I recently just got married, I can tell you it’s not easy planning your own wedding. Yes, my wife and I planned the wedding and reception all to ourselves. I couldn’t ask help from my family as they live in another city and it’s hard when the place you’re going to be married in is not your homecourt. Sure, people tell you, get a wedding planner. I never hired one because I believed that even with a wedding planner, you would still worry if the planner did things right or not. In short, you still monitor any activities, transactions and such by the planner so it was better for me to be the wedding planner myself. The benefit of a wedding planner doing all the things for you and not having any least bit of a worry is if you know the person yourself. Since I do not know anyone here because I am not from Cebu, I found it hard to find someone to do the wedding planning for me, hence I hired myself haha. My family did handle the giveaways so at least I didn’t had to worry about that.

Even if my wife and I were the planners, it was not easy planning everything while both of us were working as well. Worse, our dayoffs are not the same as my wife works in a company based in the mall, so dayoffs are random. Sometimes we had no choice but to tend to our wedding tasks separately instead of together. I remember sometimes, the person in charge of a store would ask where my wife was. Although it’s understandable because we had no choice, sometimes you really want to be your partner when you decide on things right? At least when we set our wedding date, it was 6 months prior to it so we had a lot of time not to be rattled in deciding things.

You can never avoid quarrels. Because of the stress, sometimes you get thinner. I lost like 15 pounds a few months before our wedding day. You’d know you got thinner because even if you eat carbo-laden food, you would still feel hungry after a huge meal. Funny after a few days I think I regained those pounds I lost before haha. Despite the problems that you may encounter, despite the quarrels with your partner, in the end, you will always say everything was worth it. There can never be a perfect wedding. Yes, never. So never expect your wedding or reception to run smoothly. There will always be flaws. My friend Mirzi always told me to relax and not to let the stress get to me. She was right. Our wedding and reception had flaws but no one seemed to notice it (except the obvious ones). I never even felt any nervousness during the wedding’s processional. In fact, I saw it as just another regular mass, hence, I carried myself flawlessly, naks. One thing I found funny during our wedding day was that during the processional, I almost cried. What was so funny about that? I forced myself not to cry because while I was marching I felt like a celebrity, that everyone was staring at you and all cameras were clicking to get pictures of you, bwahahaha. I am proud that despite all the problems we faced, my wife and I managed to plan and organize our wedding mass and reception successfully, mostly by ourselves. Because of that experience, we could even become wedding planners ourselves haha. But nuh-uh. It’s not an easy job. If you have no idea where to start, ask your friends who got married. They can give you lots of tips and can greatly help out with the things that you need. Always keep track of everything because planning a wedding is not easy. It can even get to your bad side if stress gets to you.

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4 Replies to “It Is Not Easy Planning A Wedding”

  1. ester… convince him.. maybe you can tell him he can also make money out of it, that may motivate him. that’s how my hubby got into blogging

  2. hi there. Added you already. pls add me too then let me know ok?

    sure its no joke planning a wedding. but after all the stresses and nerve wreaking experience, we know its all worth it! see you

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