Friends At Your Wedding

Another supposed post from my hubby, so he agreed to have it posted in my blog.

Friends are hard to find and during my wedding day, I had the urge to almost cry once the processional march began and I took my steps forward going to the altar, all the while seeing all my friends who came to attend the ceremony. It was a different feeling, really. Before, I was like, ok, friends are my friends.

Then again, when that moment happened, I was touched at my friends who went there to see me tie the knot with my wife. Yes, times these days are hard and we’re sure that if not only for the financial crisis most of us are experiencing, all of my friends would have been there. Not all of them were able to attend especially those who are not from Cebu, so I was touched that they took time off to attend my wedding.

I can never forget once the music for the processional started, once I saw what was in front of me, I almost cried. I felt like I was a star, a celebrity. Cameras pointing at you, hearing sequential clicks, wow! I guess I was not used to that unlike my wife since she’s already exposed with modeling stints. I forced myself not to shed tears as it would be kind of embarrassing for me haha. The wedding is one of the most joyous events in one’s life I can tell you that. The feeling was very different. What made is more joyous for me were my friends who were there. Gifts are never important to me, their presence were more than enough.

During my gratitude speech I just had to thank them for being at my wedding, that it meant so much to me for them being there. Funny thing also after our kiss after the wedding mass, I was awestruck to see the church filled. Yes, filled! I had never seen a wedding ceremony filled before so that was the very first time I saw one, and better yet, at my wedding. It was a great feeling. After everything was over, after all the smiles I showed to the public, I still couldn’t take that smile off my face the next day. Thank you to all my friends who witnessed at my wedding.

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