I forgot to blog about this. This was the first time it happened to me and it came at a very wrong time. Once my hubby and I arrived at Cebu airport from Singapore via Manila, Philippines, I opened my baggage to get my cellphones only to find out they’re not there anymore. Yes! I was robbed! I am not being discriminate but I am pretty sure that my phones were stolen when we arrived in Manila. Cebu Pacific flights from abroad will land on Ninony Aquino International Airport but requires you to ride their bus going to the domestic airport for connecting flights. When we checked in our baggages at the Domestic Airport, I noticed my bag’s zipper was a bit open. But we didn’t mind it. Once we arrived in Cebu, that was when I found out about my phones. My hubby called up my number, someone answered but did not utter a word. The robber just listened to my hubby talking. Lesson learned for me. Always have locks in your luggage so they don’t get opened. It kinda hurt when that happened because one of those phones was a Nokia 6600 which was from my hubby and it’s been used for more than 6 years, very durable. I guess the robber had a pricey steal since that phone has a lot of games installed in it. Good thing we never bothered upgrading the memory stick ever since.

There is no way to retrieve my phones. There is no way to punish the robber(s). I’ll just wait for karma to get to them. *Sigh*

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