Icky Flowers

My wedding day came and I was supposed to keep on smiling till the day would end. Once I got out
of the hotel (Parklane Hotel), I was surprised at the flowers that laid rest on the wedding car. I couldn’t even call them flowers. I was so angry. To think that in our reception package we did away with the floral centerpieces so the hotel had already saved on that and they couldn’t even give us a decent set of floral arrangements for the car? My face was pretty evident in our wedding video. I laughed when I saw my face all grumpy (and wondered why my hubby’s cousin included that part in the video). Parklane’s service had a lot of flaws during our reception and even accomodation. If we were laxed about everything, thing could had gone awry very bad so it was a good thing even while the reception was on, we were still attentive of our preparations and all. The only plus side with the hotel was the food because they were delicious. Well, naturally, since we were the ones who selected every dish, appetizer and dessert for the whole buffet. Still, even until now, those flowers are still etched in my mind. Time can only tell when I can get over this one and move on haha.

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  2. alyssa. yes very much. still getting used to being married. it’s not an easy transition but i know ill get used to it in time. when are you planning to get married? hehehe

  3. hi. uhm, what’s a g-matrix browser? never heard of it. googled it, but found nothing. do you have the url where i can download one? thank you

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