Do You Love Sour Fruits?

Do you love sour fruits? I do, and I tease my husband a lot because he’s sort of got a phobia for Green Mangoes. Back when he was at grade school, he used to eat it all the time. Until one time when he ate too much, his tooth sort of got swollen (if that’s how you call it) and can barely bite even the softest food. Hence he’s been avoiding it ever since. If he sees me eating in front of him, he gets all sensitive with his teeth. Green Mangoes and Lemons, mmmm both my favorites. But for those who love them like I do, don’t overeat any because they’re acidic and they can be bad to your stomach if you didn’t eat or like your stomach is not full. Pineapples are yummy too. What about you guys and gals? Do you love sour fruits? Which ones?

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