Video: Weddings at the Marco Polo Part 2 (2007)

I totally forgot that there were FTV videos of our fashion shows. I’m slowly looking for them in the net and embedding the youtube links in my blog. FTV is actively video-ing fashion shows in Cebu and showing them in FTV Asia (lucky huh?). I am lucky too because I was able to take part in some of the fashion shows which FTV captured in video. Back when they started shooting fashion shows, I was still in Dubai working. Now that I’m back home, I was able to be in some of the shows. I’m not as active as I used to before because of my full time job, but hey, better than none right? Hope you guys and gals like the video. This is part 2 of Weddings at the Marco Polo year 2007 fashion show. Enjoy! Comments are definitely most welcome! 🙂

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