Human Tetris

Japanese surely have lots of unique gimmicks. I don’t know if they cooked this one up originally but this is a funny contest called the Human Tetris. They stand on some sort of a board, good enough to stand up and waiting for the incoming board-sized wall to come at you. The hitch here is there’s a small hole on the board in the form of a human but in a certain position. The contestant has to pose the same way as the hole on the board was made, else if the board doesn’t pass through the contestant, it pushes him with it and the contestant falls back with lots of water awaiting him. Check out the video. It’s quite funny lolz.

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4 thoughts on “Human Tetris

  1. japan game is okey.

  2. hahahaha! i saw these on TV. they usually do this a couple of times a year. man, those sets must’ve taken a lot of time to piece together. and they do so much more!

  3. gbeth

    lol. the board is made of styro right? if that would have been wood, it’s gonna hurt!

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