Busy Days

I apologize for not posting much about what’s going on. My hubby and I recently transferred to my place and we will be staying there in the meantime till we get our civil status changed and our needed documents. We are not staying with my family lolz. We are actually staying on the 2nd floor since we just had it renovated to accomodate lodgers working in the IT Park and we are occupying 2 of the rooms there. So we will be staying put for now till we start applying for immigration to New Zealand. Can’t wait hehe. My hubby loves New Zealand because many of our friends have told us that it’s a good place to settle down if you have  a family. And he thinks the country is pretty low profile compared to Canada and Australia. I am also applying for a home based job which pays good money. I’m just waiting for a reply since it takes very long for them to respond back. My hubby’s friend was the one who told us about it because she just got hired. I am hoping to get hired because then, I’m going to buy my own laptop hehe. Then I can stop bugging my hubby to use his laptop to blog haha. I hope everyone’s doing ok. I still visit you all as much as I can and thanks for visiting back and dropping comments in my blog’s shoutbox.

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7 Replies to “Busy Days”

  1. thank you anne, kaycee. will give updates on how it will go. it’s not going to be that quick because we just checked with nso and our certificate is not there yet. my hubby ordered for 2 copies and they’re non refundable. can you believe that? just for looking at the computer database, and if it’s not there, your money’s bye bye!!!

  2. hi shirley, im doing good. i will be resigning from my work end of this month. don’t know yet what i’ll do next. i might not have net connection much. 🙁

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