Hawaiian Tropic 2005 Coronation Night

Thought I’d post my Hawaiian Tropic photos when I joined a few years ago. There never was another pageant after ours. They said they did not get enough sponsors. It was a good 2 months though. It was good timing for me to join too because I did not work as I was only focusing with my part time modeling. Back then, my parents were very strict regarding relationships even though I had already graduated from college. It was the perfect time for my hubby (boyfriend back then) to go to Manila without worrying about my parents snooping around. The coronation night of Hawaiian Tropic 2005 was held at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio. There were 4 outfits that we wore, 3 swimsuits and 1 casual. I’m posting the casual because the swimsuit photos are for my hubby’s eyes only lolz. The winner of this pageant was J, who’s now the lead vocals of the pinay female group Kitty Girls. I only made it as a finalist but I had a blast with the experiences I went through. We even got shown during one of ABS-CBN’s ASAP show and guested in a show (I forgot the name of that show) where we wore Regine Velasquez’s favorite outfits. I also had a photoshoot with Mabuhay Magazine, Philippine Airlines’ Tourist Guide Magazine (the ones you see in the planes) but I never had gotten copies of the photos nor gotten hold of a copy of the magazine. I posted a few photos below. Please bear the quality. My hubby converted them to low resolution file sizes only not to save the original ones. Yeah, they all got overwritten, sayang, lolz. To view all of them, please click here.

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