What’s A Cute Baby’s Name?

Just last night, my hubby and I talked about what we would name our babies when we “will” have babies lolz. You know, just advance talking, brimming with excitement about the thought of finally having one :). All you beautiful mommies out there, what are your favorite names and/or what did you name your kids? We wanted to avoid the fact that we would use one of our names for our babies. Although we did think that Marie would be a nice second name for a baby girl, we’ll hold that one unless we can’t come up with any other better name that we like. So far, we arrived with these names, Matthew for a boy and Trisha for a girl. Let me know beautiful mommies and handsome daddies, so I can have more ideas ;).

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9 Replies to “What’s A Cute Baby’s Name?”

  1. hmmm girl for blair? isn’t linda blair the actress for the scariest horror film, exorcist? lolz. i think i’ll pass that suggestion though vannie. thanks for the other names. jessica sounds nice 😉

  2. well… my beau and i have been sorting through the many names that we find cute 🙂 anyhow, I thought of “Cameron” this monring. He also thought of some names too… I would keep those ideas for now though 😛 For us, it would be 2-3 more years before another baby shall be born! Ü

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