More Wedding Photos

My hubby’s friend uploaded his photos of my wedding 2 months ago. He had been pretty busy that’s why he wasn’t able to upload them right away. I had been pretty busy because I am resigning from my job next week. Applying for a new job and hopefully if my sideline job application gets accepted, I can just to work at home and, of course update my blog anytime. Good luck to my job hunting lolz. For Christian’s photos of my wedding, please click here.

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8 thoughts on “More Wedding Photos

  1. Hi Gbeth, thanks for sharing the scenes.
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  2. hello gbeth.. i said belated congratulations to your wedding day! hihih.. i hope it was perfectly done.. i have a few tips posted on my blog you mind comment about it? if something Im missing with your experience as a bride? hehe

  3. hey i didnt know you got married two months ago, anyway congratulation, and welcome to the married world, full of suprises.

  4. gbeth

    thank you eugene. yes, i got married na 😉 lolz. time flies by so fast. you have a cute son

  5. wow, nice pics! congrats to you and good luck to your new adventure. I hope u find ur happiness in everything u do!

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  6. i too wants to work at home. I hope all of ur plans would succeed!

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  7. gbeth

    thank you emotera 🙂

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