Long Trip

Whew, I just got back from Cagayan de Oro with my hubby today. I had a blast. We both did ziplining, skybridging and river rafting since it was his first time too. The only problem was that we ate more than we exercised haha lolz. I also got to shop around some nice dresses to sell to my friends. I will be posting my new collection pretty soon. As for my adventures in Cagayan de Oro, you can check out my hubby’s travel blog for more details and links to the photos. He also has his personal blog where I think he placed all our food adventures there. You may want to check them out. I felt like I don’t need to post my own about our said adventures as that would only be redundant. I hope you guys are all ok. Thank you for keeping on visiting my site. I did go online during our vacation since they have WIFI connection at home but I got so hooked up with eBay looking for perfumes and other girlie stuffs that I totally forgot to at least blog once, nor at least even visit you. And I am not a techie person so I tend to be slow doing stuffs online. I even still ask my hubby how to do a single post sometimes since I am really forgetful. That is the problem for not staying online quite a lot lolz. I got to go. Enjoy life, live free and have a nice weekend all of you. mwaaaah 🙂

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