Victoria’s Secret And Bath & Body Works For Sale

Hi everyone. I am selling Victoria’s Secret cologne and lotion for 250.00 pesos each and Bath & Body Works cologne for 250.00 as well. Here are the details.

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist Scent Cologne – (250 ML – P250.00)

Berry Kiss, My Desire, Strawberries & Champagne, Summer Melon, Illusion Grapes, Naivete Pear, Fresh & Clean Apple, Sweet Cherry, Entice Orange, Pear Glace, Vanilla Lace, Romantic Wish, Endless Love, Blossoming Romance, Amber Romance, Sweet Daydream, Love Spell

Victoria’s Secret Scent Lotion – (200 ML – 250.00)

Strawberries & Champ, Amber Romance, Sweet Temptation, Love Spell, Pear Glace, Endless Love, Pure Seduction, Sweet Daydream, Romantic Wish

Bath & Body Works Cologne – (236 ML – 250.00)
pleony, plumeria, cherry blossom, cucumer melon

These are perfect as gifts especially for the coming holidays. Cebu-Philippines people only ;). You can contact me via Sun mobile at 09228944922. To see photos of them, please click here.

EDIT: SOLD OUT, I stopped selling these.

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