dubaimall-a01One of the most well known emirates of UAE is Dubai. Despite of the fact that people’s impression of Dubai is something like it’s a life threatening country, but still people from different parts of the world keep coming back to UAE. And because of its fast growing economy and it’s one of a kind and artistic infrastructures and buildings, Dubai has made their city very familiar and famous not only in UAE but also with other foreign countries.

I’ve been in this city about 2 years ago and used to work in an airport hotel for quite some time. I’ve also explored some of Dubai’s well-known destinations like the Mall of Emirates with its famous indoor Ski Dubai, Desert Safari, Wild Wadi and have seen Burj al Arab, the only 7star hotel. Although I have not been to other countries yet, but I should say that Dubai is one of the cities that I look forward to coming back…. that if my hubby and I have the finances.(LOL) Especially now that I’ve learned that they have just opened Dubai Mall, their newest and one of the biggest shopping mall with the largest indoor aquarium in the world and their new Airport terminal which is amazingly big and spacious, I would surely save for the rainy days. Don’t you think?

Living in a foreign country either for work or pleasure, there’s one thing that I’ve learned. You can enjoy everything and anything as long as you want but you have to always put in mind the value of respect for the locals’, their traditions, beliefs, and laws, like anybody else deserves.

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  1. nice to know about the great improvement of Dubai. I also worked in Dubai Hospital but that was long time ago. Only Alghurair was their only mall at that time . How i wish to go back to visit Dubai also (lol)

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