America’s Next Top Model

antm1Before I don’t use to watch US top series and reality TV shows like the America’s next top model (ANTM), but now that I have so much spare time staying at home when I’m not modeling or doing my side job, I can watch any movies and series downloaded by my husband. (lol) And since I couldn’t join this competition so I guess I’ll just have to enjoy watching it. Hehehe.

ANTM is the place for all aspiring models and who wants to be on the spotlight with the famous models of the world.  This show is now on it’s 12th season and the latest episode is now on its top 5 candidates.  One of my favorite candidates is Celia.  She is just so fashionable, knows how a model should look and even amazes Tyra and the judges with her get up every judging day.  When ANTM started this season she really was my favorite and I can see her improving and doing things well every episode.  On the other hand, I always hate Sandra even from the start of the show.  She messed up on their first pictorial and nagged with the other two candidates and for me that is so unprofessional of her. I think she has an attitude problem.  And every time she’s being interviewed, she always stress that she will be the next top model. Uhh! My God!  Well Unlucky of her she didn’t make it and just made me very happy to watch the rest of the episodes without seeing her. (lol)

Unforgettable Fashion Show

spaIn my 10 years of modeling I have this one unforgettable fashion show though not traumatic, but I hope it won’t happen again. It was the launching fashion show for Mugambo Spa at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Mactan last year. The night before that, I had an allergy from the food that I ate which I’m certain that I’m not allergic to it, but it still happened. I can see the humps all over my body and without doctor’s prescription, I took this medicine that I heard it’s best for allergies. So dumb of me I took maybe 3 of that anti-allergic medicine. (lol). Never thought what the effect would be. The following morning I woke up early gasping and catching my breath. That was the time we went to the doctor. The funny thing is that the medicine prescribed was the same medicine that I took. The gasping thing maybe is a medical reaction because I took it the wrong way. When we arrived at the venue, couldn’t help but worry on my allergies. The whole day I wished it would disappear in the evening. But nothing happened, they are still visible and my skin is so red that anyone could really recognize it. The night has come for the show to start. At the back of my mind, I’ll just have to bear with it and continue the show. Anyway people won’t be looking at me but more on the dress that I will be wearing. I’m still lucky I had that experience unlike other ladies who tripped or got half naked on the stage. God forbid it would happen to me.

New Beginnings Fashion Show

img_2584_595Yesterday, I took part as one of a select group of models to walk the ramp at Marco Polo Hotel which opened its doors for grooms and brides-to-be with the 3rd “Weddings at the Marco Polo Plaza” with its 2009 title “New Beginnings”. Couples planning their wedding got a chance to meet the best designers, stylists, florists and photographers, as well as makers of jewelry, giveaways and invitation cards in one place, at one time. For those of you who missed it, I am sure there will be another one next year. I was lucky to take part the third time. You know what they say, third’s a charm ;). 

There were quite a number of advertisers who joined so couples who were interested to find the best packages did get to see what they had in store for them. My husband took photos of the fashion show only.  Click here to view them.

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