Neck Exercise

faceAs we grow older fine lines or wrinkles start to appear on our faces but some of us, for those who can afford, can rid of it through facelifts. But did you know that there are parts of our body that can’t be treated with these surgical methods? Like the elbows, knees and most especially our neck is one of the most visible and by looking at it you can easily determine ones age.

For all I know, there’s no way ladies could avoid this saggy thing, loose skin hanging around our neck. Good thing I have discovered a regimen for this as early as now. I have read an article from the magazine “the neck-xercise”, helps you tone your neck and prevent loose skin around your neck. By doing this, you will just have to sit upright, tilt your head back looking at the ceiling while keeping your lips closed and then start a chewing movement or speak the word “apples”. You will feel the muscles working in your neck and throat area –repeating the same thing 20 times. To get better results you will have to repeat the same procedure once a day. So ladies, work it out!

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