America’s Next Top Model

antm1Before I don’t use to watch US top series and reality TV shows like the America’s next top model (ANTM), but now that I have so much spare time staying at home when I’m not modeling or doing my side job, I can watch any movies and series downloaded by my husband. (lol) And since I couldn’t join this competition so I guess I’ll just have to enjoy watching it. Hehehe.

ANTM is the place for all aspiring models and who wants to be on the spotlight with the famous models of the world.  This show is now on it’s 12th season and the latest episode is now on its top 5 candidates.  One of my favorite candidates is Celia.  She is just so fashionable, knows how a model should look and even amazes Tyra and the judges with her get up every judging day.  When ANTM started this season she really was my favorite and I can see her improving and doing things well every episode.  On the other hand, I always hate Sandra even from the start of the show.  She messed up on their first pictorial and nagged with the other two candidates and for me that is so unprofessional of her. I think she has an attitude problem.  And every time she’s being interviewed, she always stress that she will be the next top model. Uhh! My God!  Well Unlucky of her she didn’t make it and just made me very happy to watch the rest of the episodes without seeing her. (lol)

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2 Replies to “America’s Next Top Model”

  1. i thought you liked celia? ehehe. lol well ayway, i loved antm too, my favorite is cycle 7 and 8 because of caridee and natasha. have you watched that too? and oh, cycle 11 was also great wasnt it. and good luck on your modeling. im so jealous of you.

  2. actually i started watching this series on its 11th cycle. hehehe. yeah, i really love celia..she’s the best!thanks for the comment…have a nice week..

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