Earn While Using Twitter

twitterThis is one of my husband’s posts in his blogs and he wanted me to post the same one in my blog to expose this new way of earning money using Twitter. The following is the content of his post …

Hey, I just found a new way to earn money while you use Twitter. I am sure a lot of you know what Twitter is. So, this new way to earn is good because ads, when clicked can reach 5 cents or more depending on the kind of ad. It is up to you which ad you would like to post in your tweets and if anybody clicks on them, you get paid for it. A minimum of 20$ is needed before you can withdraw the money to their only mode of payment, PayPal, which happens weekly. You can post ads on as many twitter profiles as you want. The only requirement is that each twitter account must have a minimum of 50 followers.

Anyone wants to exchange follow in Twitter? Just follow me right away and I will do the same to you. To register to this new way to earn money while Twitting, please click HERE.

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