Wolverine Origins

wolverine1I can’t get over with the experience I had the other day. My brothers invited me to watch the DVD copy of X-men origins: Wolverine the movie that they borrowed from their friends. We know it wasn’t a true copy but we still watched it anyway it contains the same story as the original. What happened was that instead of watching a science fiction/action movie I never thought I could be like watching a comedy movie every fight scene or stunt. (lol) Unknowingly it was an unedited copy of the original movie. So every time Wolverine fights with his enemies, the strings of the harness made it looked like very fake. And there was this one scene when Wolverine was thrown into the truck by his brother, Wolverine rolled over a bunch of woods on it and transformed and looked like a mercury man. (lol) That was really very funny. On the other hand I would still want to watch the original copy of Wolverine and appreciate every single action on it and be overwhelmed how the special effects were made and edited. I would still recommend to every one to patronize original copies only.

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  1. i agree with that burn… our local film has to be more competitive than it is today.
    thanks burn and gossip for dropping by…

  2. hi my daily thoughts.in my case, i always forget almost all the movies i’ve seen. bad for me. hehehe thanks for dropping by.

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