PLDT MyDSL Car Drifting 2009

Last weekend, I took part in PLDT MyDSL’s weekend event promoting their DSL product. During Saturday, they had an added event. An exhibition of car drifting just like in Fast & The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. I took part as one of the ushers while the event organizers handle the programs. I need to find photos of them since my husband was not able to take pictures of me because miraculously, the event started on time. You know how it is in the Philippines. The so called Filipino time, things normally start late. During the end of the program, they let audiences ride in the cars whilst it drifts round and round making them experience how it feels like to be in it. I wanted to try myself but there were just too many audiences. By the time PLDT offered us a ride, we were no longer interested since we had to go some place else. Oh well, maybe next time … If I will be able to find photos of me, I will add it to my post. Stay tuned …

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