Celebrity Scandals Hit Philippines

videocamI guess by now you had heard about scandals of celebrities involving Katrina Halili and a handful of other female celebrities including a Brazilian model. They all had one thing in common, the same guy. Yep. Poor Katrina. I feel sorry for her. Technology has evolved in a lot of ways. True. But some of those ways have turned to negative results like these so-called video scandals. I would say, to be safe, do not take videos of yourself. But what happens if the person had no idea at that time that he/she was videoed? Now that, is indeed bad. I admire Katrina for being strong and having the guts to face the camera in front of millions of viewers nationwide. Because of the spate of these scandals breaking out in public (currently, the source who leaked them has not yet been identified), the government is rushing to pass a bill to punish those who do voyeurism videos.

Tsk. Only when a celebrity gets victimized do things like this really get a lot of attention. Lots of victims had already fallen prey to these tactics but nothing was done. Girls like Katrina Halili will be traumatized for a very long time because of what just happened. I hope in time, her emotional pain will heal. It may take some time I guess. But it is better than enduring it forever.

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