Places to go in Malaysia

tipFor those who want to travel and go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, here are some tips for you and places that you must add to your itinerary. But before anything else, its sad to say that before you leave Philippines you will be obliged to pay 700php international terminal fee and around 1600php travel tax. It’s a hold-up, isn’t it?

Third, Don’t you ever forget to go to Genting. It is also a theme park but has a different excitement from Sunway especially when you have to take on the cable car about 15 minute ride heading to and from Genting. Also before going to Genting make sure to book a ticket online and a bus ticket from the terminal ahead of time. Fourth, they also have Malaysian version of a Time Square. Don’t miss to shop, but not until you drop. Fifth, Chinatown, though we have not gone to it, but according to what we have heard it is the best place for you to buy souvenir items. But be careful because you might be one of the theft victims. Lastly, after all the fun and enjoyment don’t forget to visit St. John’s church.

Reminder: When bathing on their waterpark, swimsuits are allowed but you might find it hesitant to wear because almost all people are wearing either shirts and shorts or tights. Also don’t forget to bring extra socks, jacket, shirts, snowcap and snacks in case you don’t want to end up spending a lot, and most importantly your camera if you want to have all your experiences documented. (lol)

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