Should Your Blog’s Page Rank Be Demoted?

blogicons_wordpressMy husband wanted me to post this in my blog because he thinks someone may know some things about page ranks and may want to share their experiences. I am totally clueless about this lolz. It has been bugging him for awhile because my blog suddenly got a zero page rank. The following is his post …


I have about finished what I am supposed to do for the day so in my free time I have been reading articles regarding page rank demotion and what one can do to get back on track again. It is no mystery that paid links and paid posts (with links) are heavy factors in one’s site’s page rank demotion. While others have voiced their own opinions regarding technical and political matters, there is one thing that towers over them all. Not all people are in depth tech-literate.

Sure, technology today has made it easy for people to write blogs with the use of user friendly interfaces that does everything for you in the backend and all the user does is type and click. That, I believe is what made Microsoft’s Bill Gates the richest man in the world. The ease of use where mostly everything is done behind the scenes and the user does only a few stuffs is what made the Windows OS a hit. Now, going back to the main topic. There are also quite a lot of bloggers who write for monetization purposes or just for the sake of it because they enjoy doing it.

The way Google has been demoting sites, I believe is a failure in their part. Does this mean that every blogger should know about SEO and HTML? I bet you more than 80% who start blogging do not even know what page rank is or how important it is. I never even knew tabout it when I started with paid blogging until I wondered why I had not been getting any offers in one of my blogs and searched in the net for possible answers. I have no problems because I am on the techie side so I can handle things like SEO and HMTL. But for those people who cannot handle tech stuffs … man, poor them. Google should restore everyone’s page rank and review their algorithms rather than letting bloggers feel the pain of a page rank demotion.

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