My RSS Is Back

rssYey, my RSS feed is back. I re-registered my feeds just now. Please do subscribe to my feeds again especially to those who did before. It turns out the problem was because of some WordPress plugins not being compatible. Even when my blog was upgraded to version 2.8, the problem still persisted. I am no techie he he he so I really do not understand how my hubby fixed it. All I know is he renamed the plugins folder and created a new one and one by one transferred the plugins activated each of them to see which plugin was the culprit. That was when the feed page was back online. And he still does not know which plugin caused the problem. So, I hope to be posting again pretty soon. We also just had our DSL back. It was hard not having any internet connection. After all, the internet is just like our cell phone nowadays. We can’t live without it lolz.

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4 Replies to “My RSS Is Back”

  1. ey, thanks coolbuster 🙂 we also just had our dsl back. i barely had the chance to blog much before. i even forgot how to compose a post in wordpress. i had to ask help from my hubby lolz

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