Beauty Tip

beautyOne of the basic concerns of a model is how to make his or her skin flawless and to keep it healthy as possible. I’m not talking about all those spa treatments, expensive beauty regimens and branded beauty products.  But if you can afford those, nobody is stopping you.  Just be careful and conscious on the kind of products and the content of the item that you use.

Let me share to you one of my simple beauty tips.  After every fashion show or event you will be left with those make-up all over your face.  The most important thing you should do first is to remove the make-up as soon as possible.  The longer it stays on your face the deeper it penetrates your skin.  Some prefer to use different make up removers if not wet wipes will do.  But, for me I prefer to wash my face with soap and water and use petroleum jelly to remove eye make-up residue that in fact is very effective. And for the rest of the ladies out there especially to the career women who always “have to” or needs to wear make-up, you can help your skin become healthy by taking a few days off not just from work but also from make-up.  I tell you, this simple regimen is a great help for your skin.

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