Fast Cars And Women

classicWhat is up with fast cars and women? Whenever there are car exhibits, there is always a 100% chance that you would see women in skimpy clothings as well. Perhaps it can help boost the car’s exposure? I cannot really say for sure. A few weeks ago at the I.T. park in Cebu, Philippines, they held a car show exhibit. I did not know about it until we passed by and my hubby excitedly hurried back to our place to get his cam. There were quite a number of luxurious cars. Here is one of them.


During the afternoon, there were no models in sight. They only were there during the evening and we did not stay long since we felt it would rain later on. It was the first time I saw various designs and models of Corvettes. It was a good thing too that there were not much people around in the afternoon. My hubby and I managed to get some photos of us beside the cars.

You can view the other car models here.

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