KFC Krushers

krusherHas anyone tasted KFC’s new Krusher products? They are in Strawberry & Banana, Cookies & Cream and Caramel. Only Caramel is priced at 65 pesos while I am guessing the other two are priced at 75. In my opinion, I like the Caramel flavor better since it comes with some cookie and chocolate bits. And its mixed with yogurt too, non-fat so the bartender said. The price is worth the drink, really because it is good and yummy.

I wish that KFC in the Philippines can come up with better flavors than the current ones offered. When I checked the web about KFC Krushers, I chanced upon Indonesia’s KFC website and their Krusher products seem to look more delicious than ours. They even have large cherry like toppings in it. And I bet the drinks there are large unlike here in the Philippines where content serving nowadays is small.

I just tasted their Strawberry and Banana Krusher awhile ago and I like Caramel better. I might have another Krusher in a few days ;).

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