sakuraLast Saturday July 25,2009 another fashion event was held at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Mogambo Springs. The show was entitled “Sakura” which means Japanese cherry blossom. In commemoration to the blooming of Sakura, two of the most respectable Singapore based designers Lotte Delima-Edwards and Ana Liew shared their own set of collections for the celebration of blossoming fashion and style. Both featured Japanese inspired collections like the Geisha look and samurai inspired designs respectively. It was a very unique experience for me having done this kind of event. We were made up to look like a Geisha and it was my first time to make a dramatic pose at the ramp. (lol) Showcasing the Singaporean fashion style are the models of M.A.C and AD and choreographed by Monch Ceballos. Maquillage by Jessie Glova and Romero Vergara and accessorized by Shandar and Avatar.

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