plantI am sure anyone who is a Facebook user knows or has seen this is some request by your friend to join Farmtown. I recently got addicted to it lolz. I used to start playing Farmville but my husband told me to switch since he started with Farmtown and there is no sense to handle 2 accounts of games that feature the same game play. He did not want to start over from scratch if he played Farmville so I voluntarily switched to Farmtown.

The game is pretty simple. Just add neighbors, plow fields and plan them then sell them to the marketplace. As your level increases so will your available choices to plant and buy structures, animals, tress and others. You do not have to stay all day and all night idling the application since it will cut you off after I think some 10 minutes of idle time. You can leave your plants and come back the next day or a few hours after (this is up to you hehe). I have friends who are totally, as in totally addicted to it that they have to wake up in during the wee hours of the morning just to check on their account to see any updates and all. Do you play FarmTown? Fun game right? Simple, yet really fun.

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