What A Busy Week

busyReally. What a busy week it had been last week. I could not even post one single article in my blog lolz. I was away from home twice leaving my hubby alone and lonely ha ha. I will be posting what happened last week though, like taking part in this fashion show to show case Cebu Philippine’s models in front of the King of Swaziland, a country landlocked in Southern Africa, who sadly was not able to make the trip but was represented by their tourism minister. It was fun.

Then we went to Bohol to showcase Island Souvenirs’ plethora of fashion materials. Other days, I did some ushering on some events. It was a stressful week for me. Yesterday was a sad day for me. One of my closest  friends in modeling industry, will be leaving for the United States for good. So that is it. A short summary of what transpired last week. I will be posting new stuffs in awhile so stay tuned and thank you all for keeping on visiting.

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