CDO Fiesta ’09

Our Cagayan trip last week was quite fun and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves like their younger years. (lol) We went to CDO, my husband’s hometown to spend the fiesta with the family and some friends and relatives. The first few days we were busy strolling around the mall, trying out some new food outlets around the city, watched fireworks and some other fiesta activities. But last Saturday was the most fun of all. We made sure that we spend our time at their small theme park or as we call it “peryahan”. We did the horse back riding for one round and after that we proceeded at the “peryahan” to have some rides and play games we used to do when we were young. Although none of us won any prize, we still enjoyed every peso that we spent in the park. Fiesta in Cagayan is not that extravagant as our own Sinulog Fiesta but I wish someday the city could organize the fiesta well for them to attract more visitors.

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