Ushering During The Trade Show

DSC00098I apologize for the long absence again. After ushering for a trade show last week I was stuck with helping my dad with his backdrop and ice carving business since he was stacked with orders. If you visit the backdrop site, my husband posted about a transformers backdrop not available. That was because my dad was so busy he forgot to take a photo of it. That was a pretty hard one because the order was based on the live action version of Optimus Prime, not the cartoons so there were lots of colors involved.

Last week I was busy for 2 long days because I ushered for a trade show with one of my co-model. I have not had the chance to post my photos online because I was so occupied and still am. I managed to catch a little time off to posting this now and will go offline again because we got another gig coming up, a 3 day event called Bijoux. I will be posting more details in my next post. In the meantime, here are photos taken in Shang Ri-La Hotel in Mactan during the trade show. My partner and I managed to take some photos around the resort while the show did not start yet

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