It Is Time To Diet

foodWith the Christmas season looming 2 months from now, I feel like it is time to limit myself to eating because come December, it is going to be a month full of smorgasbord. Parties, food, drinks. Just about everything! I am sure I am not the only one who thinks clamping down on one’s food diet is a good thing. I sure do not want to bloat myself when 2010 starts.

As much as I had been lazy lately, I started doing exercise at least once a week. Yep, my hubby and I started yesterday. We were supposed to play badminton but the venue that we went to was booked for an event. Not to be discourage, my husband dared me we walk home. And so we did, our feet hurt lolz. But it was a pretty good exercise.

So, exercise at least once a week will do me good. I think come Christmas time, my stomach’s going to be ready by that time hihi.

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