God’s Gift

jesusGod gave us our talent on purpose and the only purpose for that is to share these talents to others. That is why talented people chose to share it by either teaching others what they have, or by simply showing it to the rest for the people to appreciate God’s given talents. And so, even though I do not have any of these talents I’d still be sharing this to the rest of the world.

A friend of mine posted a video from the “youtube” to the facebook and it really caught my attention. I can’t help but appreciate talents such as this shown in the video. Yes, a lot of people can do artistic works such as drawing, painting, sketching and even a lot more than that. Now this is one of the most magnificent talents I have ever seen. At first, I could not understand what the painting looked like but as the painting is about to finish, I could picture out what the painting was about to portray. And at the end of the video I was even more surprised on the outcome of the painting. Take a look at this video here.

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