Great Greek Cuisine

Right after the Kasalang Filipino fashion show last Saturday, my husband and I rushed to this Greek Restaurant in Terraces, Ayala Cebu, named “Cyma”.  I have to tell you they have great and tasty dishes you have got to try.  It is a small restaurant but with nice ambiance and extraordinary cuisine, taste like no other.  Quite Expensive but i am sure you will love it as much as we do! Here are some of the dishes that we have tried:

Chicken Gyro (pronounced hero) – with tomato, red onion, tzatziki (no idea what this thing is) and wrapped in wheat pita (160.00)

swordfish (served without rice) – moist and meaty with a soft texture and sweet flavor (275.00)

But for the “rice eaters” like me you can make a separate order of their rice for (65.00).

Family style greek salad – with mixed greens, red cabbage, tomatoes, capers, cucumbers, pita cheese, black olives and oregano served with either cyma’s summer herb vinaigrette or traditional greek vinaigrette.

For drinks I ordered lemonade and it was super sour (which i loved) and ultimate cyma’s iced tea for my husband which has a kind of different taste but it is good. Both cost 95.00 for non-bottomless. You can check the photos [HERE].

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