hebrewsLast Sunday my husband and i spent a late afternoon walk at the IT Park. Good thing it is just a walking distance from our place. We have always wanted to spend part of our weekend time playing badminton but we find the court rental fees very unreasonable. We would rather use the money for our food trip! (lol) And speaking of food trip, after a short walk, and my husband taking pictures of the park and the buildings, we decided to have a small snack at the newest cafe in IT Park, Hebrews, located at Skyrise 3,right beside Tara’s Cafe.

We ordered beef lasagne and passion fruit iced tea. The beef lasagne costs 140.00 and is really worth it because it has lots of serving. Plus it tastes awfully good too! Really! The iced tea costs around 95.00 which is costly I think. Better order another beef lasagne instead. I would love to have another go at the beef lasagne if my wife and I will get a chance to eat there again.

Check out the photos HERE.

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