New Blog Theme, Again

wordpressAnother new theme for me, and maybe for the very last time. My previous theme focused on my fashion shows but I realized that I think I need to have my blog focus on some other topics since I am now married, plus at my age I won’t have many fashion shows as I used to before back when I was still very young. Out with old, in with the new, or so they say.

I decided to pick a mom themed blog since this will then be the theme for the rest of my life. A mom theme is just the perfect theme for this WordPress blog. So do not be surprised if the sidebar changes from time to time. I am no good with programming so I am letting my hubby do the designing and coding since he is a programmer.

It is one day till Christmas so I would like to greet my blog’s visitors a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Holidays …

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6 thoughts on “New Blog Theme, Again

  1. Nice new template design. Merry Xmas to you my friend
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  2. Merry X-mas to u and ur family. Wishing u all the best for the New Year’s to come

  3. gbeth

    thank you NLE, ester 🙂 merry christmas to you and your families 😉

  4. Merry Christmas! Nice templates

  5. I am 2 days late, but still . . . Merry Christmas!

    I like your new look, so chic!

  6. gbeth

    wow. thank you for the compliment 🙂

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