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The Nutcracker

I was in my third grade when I last danced and preformed ballet. Since then I have always idolized someone who dances ballet well especially my idol Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. Last December 19, 2009, at SM Northwing Atrium Ballet Manila once again performed a magnificent version of “The Nutcracker”. To give you a short idea about this fairytale, I would like to give you, my readers, short details about it.

Mr. Peter Tchaicovsky composed the story of “The Nutcracker”. This is about the little girl named Clara who was given a nutcracker doll by his godfather on Christmas Eve party. That same night Clara began to see strange things like the mouse king fighting with the nutcracker prince. After the prince won the duel, it turned into a real handsome, young prince. They traveled into a truly magical landscape and experienced sweet, good things from all over the world. For some it was just a dream but for this little girl named Clara knows in her heart that everything was real.

This is the reason why I cannot stop but rush myself to SM Northwing, and take note I even watched it by myself. That is how excited I am to see this big performance by our own ballerina pride. Good thing the show was for free. Otherwise I could not have watched it. Ballet Manila had their own interpretation of the story just like the rest of the ballet performers from all over world. For me the show was perfect and was part of it. (lol)

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