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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Art Fashionista. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just love fashion. And it is not because I also do part time modeling that I got hooked into it. Ever since I laid eyes upon Fashion TV did my interest in fashion soar. One of my must visit sites whenever I surf are fashion sites whether they are news, tidbits, gossip, fashion creations and others that are fashion related. There are many arts and fashion sites in the internet today but there are only a few of those that I keep myself updated with, new and old. One such upcoming site is Art Fashionista, a trendy site that features art, crafts, life style and fashion blog.

All articles talk about anything that is related to all types of art. Art Fashionista is powered by WordPress so navigating around the site is pretty easy. It was started in mid December of 2009 and interesting new articles keep pouring in daily. While the site is still new, it shows a lot of promise. The articles are pretty informative and keep me up to date regarding the arts and fashion world. Expect to see top quality stories, tips and news whenever you Check out Art Fashionista. It is arts, fashion, crafts and life style rolled into one.
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