Fear Factor

Doing things that you are afraid of can either make you more afraid of it or surpass that fear and enjoy it instead. Just like my first zip line experience in Macahambus Adventure Park Cagayan de Oro City. Even when looking at those people sliding on the cable bars or whatever that thing is, makes me tremble.
First thing that got into my head was that, am I not going to die with this? What if the cable accidentally breaks? Am I not going to collapse while doing this? But after that first zip experience those questions turned into an “I want more!” (lol) At last I made it!

That is why my hubby and I had our 2nd Zip in Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia and just recently in Dahilayan Adventure Park in Cagayan de Oro City. The longest dual zipline cable in Asia! Whew! You’ve got to try it!

I will be posting my experience on each ZIPPIE adventure. Details in my next posts.

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