Visiting The Orphanage


Last month, the modeling agency that I am a part of, MAC, together with some fashion designers, makeup artists and photographers visited an orphanage to spend time with the children. It is not easy being an orphan. Even I shiver at the thought of being one. Things are totally different when one has only one parent. How much more if one has none. Right?

The time we spent at the orphanage was meaningful as it brought smiles to the kids when we gave them gifts, organized games for them to play and interacted with one of them. Each one of us was assigned a kid and tasked to give one gift to them as well as spend time to bond.

The kid whom I bonded with sure had a big smile on his face after he opened my gift for him. It just feels so good to see a smile on any kid. Who wants to see anybody with a sad face right? We all had fun at the orphanage. When we left, I am sure they were looking forward to next year.

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