Sumilon Bluewater Island Photoshoot

sbirFriday, March 12 2010 I went to Sumilon island for a photoshoot. This island is one of Cebu’s tourist hotspots offering serene environments and crystal clear waters. The resort I went to and stayed in is managed by Bluewater Resorts. Under the slow spell of the luminous skies, your senses fully open to its natural surroundings and beckon you to savor the gastronomic fare of the island.

This was my second experience going to Sumilon island. The first one was for a magazine issue last 2005 while this time, it was for the resort’s brochures and website. I lost my digital camera a few months back so I only had my cellphone camera to use. I was surprised the pictures I took were great. Check these out!


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