Bundle Of Joy

babyIt was my first time to be hospitalized and I did not even expect that to happen to me that early. But it did. I thought I was pregnant at first but then I had my period which made me think that I was wrong and it was a false alarm. But after a few days the pain still persisted so my mother in law told me to go to the hospital and have myself checked.

I was afraid too that something may be wrong with me. It had been a few weeks already that I have not had my period so I was thinking maybe I am indeed pregnant. When I had my period I was disappointed, thinking … back to the drawing board. But when I checked in the hospital as an in-patient, it was then that I learned that I am indeed pregnant.

Tears of joy. I was happy that I am pregnant. The one thing that my hubby and I had longed for: having our own baby. I am sure that my parents as well as his are as excited as we are. What to name, what to name. Maybe for now, I will just call my soon to be baby, my bundle of joy.

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