No Rafting Sequel

raftingI was supposed to join my hubby and his cousins for my supposed to be second experience with white water river rafting. My first experience was so fun and it was due mainly because there were many of us. If you want to try out this river rafting, there should be many of you in a raft. Otherwise, it would be boring. At least if there are many of you, your team would be so noisy.

Prior to being hospitalized earlier last week, my mother in law already asked me not to join their rafting because it might complicate my health even more. It was merely a precaution. Tsk. I really wanted to join their rafting but my health comes first.

Maybe another time perhaps. I heard there is a far greater rafting experience by choosing the extreme mode compared to the basic and advanced. And the raft would splash down from as high as 4 feet.

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