Cold Summer Nights

sadCold and summer sounds ironic right? That actually is the case right now with me. My hubby and I spent the Holy Week in his hometown and with the unexpected great news that I am pregnant, I had to check in the hospital because I was already feeling discomfort in my tummy. Now, my hubby had to go back to another city because of work and since I still am in bedrest, he left me in the care of his parents.

Now I know how it felt like to be left alone. My hubby used to tease me whenever I spend overnights in some hotels because of a fashion show by saying “Cold Summer Nights”. This is actually a title of the song by one of the Philippines’ great music artist (who had passed away) named Francis Magalona.

When my hubby left me, I immediately texted him that now I know how it feels like to be left alone. And I promised him that I will never leave him again.

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