I Miss The Hot Spring

ardent-hot-springs-camiguinI suddenly miss the hot spring that I just experienced last week. It was so soothing, so relaxing that it felt like I was having a spa. It was my very first time to try the hot springs of Ardent in Camiguin Island. My hubby decided to spend our Holy Week there and since I have never been there, he thought it was a great idea to spend our vacation there.

We went there at night because he said that it is the best time to go there because of the night’s cold, the hot spring’s temperature is the perfect remedy to counter it. The entrance fee only costs 30 pesos. It seems that the government had taken control in handling all the island’s tourist attractions that every hot spot requires an entrance fee. So I guess people who went there a long time ago were lucky because they did not have to pay any fees.

The hot spring is therapeutic. When a person is exposed to a hot spring bath, they receive the direct action of temperature as a shock, and the minerals are deposited in the subcutaneous cell tissue, and from there, they exert their action thus activating the organic metabolism through the hypothalamus-suprarenal axis. Simple explanation? It is good for your health. You should try it! It really feels great!

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