No Shows And Shoots In The Meantime

no_shoot2 weeks has passed and I am still stuck in my hubby’s hometown. His folks recommended I stay put in the meantime while resting because they do not want to risk something bad may happen to me again. My agency manager now knows about my situation because I told him about it after he texted me that I am supposed to have a photo shoot this Sunday.

So that’s it. No shows and shoot in the meantime for me. Probably not until after next week as that will be the time that I can finally get back home. My husband will be visiting me this weekend and will come back for me next weekend to take me back. Awwww, now isn’t that sweet? 😉

He kidded me that since I will be made sure that I will have lots of rest, I will have all the time to blog about my being a mother pretty soon. I told him yes, that may probably be the case if I do not have any scheduled shoots and shows.

You know, until now I cannot believe that we will have a baby soon. I thank the Lord and everybody who prayed for us because it was not easy, what with my problem (I am polysistic) that we really tried hard to have one. And now we have … and I am so happy.

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